Hello, there!

With a B.A. in journalism with an emphasis in public relations from Biola university under my belt, and currently preparing to obtain my M.A. in journalism with a minor in ethnomusicology from the University North Texas, I’m opening my eyes about the world around me. With simple things such as reading the newspaper, socializing on different networks and traveling around the world, I’m continuing to stretch my mind. There’s something great about this world we live in. There’s always something new to experience.

Growing up in Costa Rica for the first 10 years of my life, I’ve become culturally sensitive. My biggest passion in life is traveling, experiencing different cultures, and meeting people from different backgrounds. Each country has a different story to tell through its food, language, music, and the way its people live and think. I’ve traveled to 16 different countries, with more to come!

With my love for traveling, I ultimately wish to work for an international company as a representative, writing for a publication or simply being a liaison for clients. I dream of becoming a journalism or public relations professional, writing articles for a newspaper, magazine, or organization. Incorporating travel with my writing is my ultimate goal. I aspire to be able to see everything this world has to offer and share it with others.

I’m driven and willing to work hard to be successful. I love gaining knowledge and being hands on. I know that if I get the opportunity, I will do something great too.

- Catherine Streng

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